Statement of Purpose




At the heart of Maple Ki is our commitment to be an expression of love and consciousness in action through service, and to genuinely promote wellness in a safe, supportive atmosphere of peace, warmth and love.

We are here to create and hold a sacred space and are dedicated to supporting you…..not only to “Getting Away” but to “Coming Home” in the most profound sense.

We aim to provide a “ Maple Ki “ experience that will leave you feeling restored, renewed and replenished.

We aspire to inspire and share the many paths toward a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle … offering you the opportunity to inwardly reflect, explore with a fresh perspective, discover new insights and initiate visions and dreams.

We treasure and appreciate the natural world and endeavour to serve nature and our environment through our actions and lifestyle.

“ Whether you and I and a few others will renew the world someday, remains to be seen, but within ourselves, we must renew it each day. “    Hermann Hesse