Packages & Rates

Below is a description of 3 packages, however we are happy to design a custom stay for you, from one to seven nights.



2 nights :  Rest & Renewal  


“Even a little time spent in this remarkable place, makes a difference.”

This get-a-way package includes 2 nights accommodation, 5 meals, and 2 yoga classes.

Queen or single size beds available.


Occupancy            Price per person (there are no additional taxes)

Single                     $348

Double                   $246

Triple                      $236

Group                     $230    (min. 8, max. 10 people   –   special rate)



4 nights :   “Space for the Soul to Breathe.”


Give yourself the gift of a longer stay to replenish and restore ….. 4 days that are healing and soothing to the core.

This package includes 4 nights accommodation, 11 meals, and 4 yoga classes.

Queen or single beds available.


Occupancy             Price per person (there are no additional taxes)

Single                      $668

Double                    $465

Triple                       $444

Group                      $436       (min. 8, max. 10 people   –   special rate)



6 nights :   “Unwind, Unfold and Emerge Renewed.”


Deep relaxation in a supportive, healing, natural setting promotes rejuvenation and renewal and often inspires positive life changes.

This package includes 6 nights accommodation, 17 meals, and 6 yoga classes.

Queen or single beds available.


Occupancy                Price per person (no additional taxes.

Single                         $996

Double                       $690

Triple                          $642

Group                         $632         (min. 8, max. 10 people   –   special rate)


*Please note that participation in the yoga class each morning is optional.  Rates do not change if you or your group decide not to include our Yoga class in your package.



Ki Wellness Services


Enhance your stay at Maple Ki and promote deeper relaxation.

Please book in advance of your arrival.


Service                                              Time                     Price :


Shiatsu                                            1 hour                   $60.00

Shiatsu                                           1.5 hours               $90.00

Reflexology                                     1 hour                   $60.00

Aromatherapy Massage                 1 hour                   $75.00

Aromatherapy Massage                 1.5 hours              $110.00

Rejuvenating Facials                     1.5 hours               $80.00

Infrared Sauna                                1 hour                   $30.00

* 2 people can share sauna