Your Warm and Welcoming Hosts





Julianna and Mary open their hearts and home with a warm welcome and the charm of European hospitality … specializing in exceptional personalized attention,  a unique healing environment …. and Serenity.



At the heart of Maple Ki is our commitment to be an expression of love and consciousness in action through service and to genuinely promote Wellness in a safe, supportive atmosphere that nourishes body, mind and spirit.

Our purpose is to co-create and hold a Sacred Space.  We are dedicated to support your “Coming Home” in the most profound sense by providing an extraordinary “Retreat-Get-a-way”,  that will leave you feeling replenished and renewed.

We aspire to inspire and share the many paths toward a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and hope to offer you the opportunity to inwardly reflect, explore with a fresh perspective;  discover new insights and initiate visions and dreams.

We cherish the natural world and endeavour to serve nature and our environment through our actions and lifestyle.


 “ Whether you and I and a few others will renew the world someday, remains to be seen, but within ourselves, we must renew it each day. “    Hermann Hesse



In 1976, at the tender and impressionable age of 22, due to an illness in the family, Julianna became interested in a holistic approach to health and healing.   Yoga practice, a vegetarian lifestyle, and the study of nutrition became an integral part of her life. Within the first 3 years on this new path, she took her first Yoga Teacher’s Training in Toronto, and began teaching evening classes at the Y.M./Y.W.C.A. and many other venues over a span of  25 years.

In 1986 Julianna was inspired to open her home as a retreat for others, while living on and operating a small organic farm and maple sugar bush, near Owen Sound Ontario.  Here…. “Maple Ki” found its roots.  In these early years, running the Retreat was a part time endeavor, allowing her to expand upon her interest in the Oriental Healing Arts. This led her to study Shiatsu in Toronto, with the intention of offering this healing modality to others. 

Julianna and 3 other therapists, each offering different holistic services, then founded “The Grey-Bruce Wellness Centre” in Owen Sound Ontario. She offered Shiatsu and Reflexology treatments there, as well as on weekends to her Retreat guests.

A few years later, Julianna left the Centre, to work full time from her new home, and second location for the Retreat.  She delighted in hosting many guests from her home at Bass Lake on the magnificent Bruce Trail.  This beautiful lake inspired the addition of “Spirit Waters” to the title, “Maple Ki Forest.”

Leaving the Centre in Owen Sound also offered her more time to further her studies.  Aromatherapy and the Rejuvenating Facial then became welcome additions to the services she offered.

Finding that the privacy and serenity of her surroundings was being compromised, she embarked on a 2.5 year search for a quieter and more secluded home and Retreat property.  Julianna was thrilled to discover Cade Lake on the Salmon River, near Tamworth Ontario.  This retreat – haven was a blessing and gift beyond her wildest dreams, as it was the most appropriate and exquisite setting for Maple Ki that she had ever seen.

In June of 2001, Julianna and Maple Ki moved to their new retreat – haven – home. 

A few months later, she was joined by her sweet mother Mary and both open their hearts and home to welcome you.