Other Important Considerations


Due to the rising numbers of people sensitive to chemicals, we strive to keep a scent free environment. We therefore ask that you kindly refrain from wearing perfume/cologne and other strongly scented hair and body care products.  Products scented with pure essential oils are okay.

Moderate consumption of  light alcoholic beverages (beer & wine) is permitted.

We offer a smoke free ….. and a WiFi free environment.

Though we  love children and pets, we cannot accommodate either.  Thank you for your understanding.

Arrival is between 4 and 5 PM. We serve dinner at 6 PM. Please let us know if you are delayed on route.

On departure day, check – out is at 12 noon.

If you are traveling by train or bus,  go to either Kingston or Napanee. From there you must travel by taxi to Maple Ki.  The cab fare, one way from Kingston is aproximately $80. and from Napanee, aprox.  $70.