Guests Comments




Words aren’t enough.  How can I describe in words alone, the feeling of finding my centre…reconnecting with my knowing….coming “home”?

My ailing heart has healed so quickly after being here. My breathing is eased. My heart is full. My body is stretched…and so is my spirit….It is soaring.

Time to go back and reconnect with the world, remembering my purpose of unleashing the human spirit.


With gratitude & abundant blessings,  Janina



I came here exhausted and stressed.  I leave rested and renewed. The experience I had here with you and your mother was exactly what I needed;  a warm welcoming home, wonderful food, good rest, Yoga, massage for my body….the utter peace and beautiful nature.  All of these things have nurtured my soul, and I am back in balance.

Thank you.  From my heart to yours,  Anne



Thank you for welcoming us so warmly into your home. This place is truly a sanctuary for peace, rest and renewal.  Maple Ki is filled with a gentle, healing energy, enhanced by the beauty of the natural lake setting. The vegetarian meals are so lovingly prepared and presented.  The Reflexology treatment was divine, and the Yoga was a delightful and refreshing start to the day.

Wishing you Peace and Happiness,  Lori & Tom



Thank you for your gentle hospitality…..for offering your home with such generosity and openness. You have inspired me to improve my diet and learn more about nutrition.  Your home has such amazing healing energy…..a true sanctuary.

Love,  Karen



Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the love and nurturing that you have given me. Thank you for opening this wonderful sanctuary.  Maple Ki is indeed a healing, sacred place. You are both healers, and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

Love & Light,  Lisa



Thank you so very much for an unbelievable and unforgettable experience.  I knew the moment I walked in that it was going to be an environment to renew and relax in. Your gracious care and powerful treatments were exactly what was needed. The fabulous food, kindness and hospitality were awesome.

Thank you both for your care,  Sandy



Thank you for helping us experience a different relationship with food.  I have never eaten so well and felt so great.  The food replenished my body and soul.  We will be making changes thanks to you.

Love,  Michael



Thank you very much for hosting a wonderful weekend. It is amazing how just 2 days can have a lasting impact and be inspirational. Thank you for the delicious meals, yoga classes, the canoe ride and the conversations. I hope to return to Maple Ki very soon !

Warm Regards,  Linda



Thank you kindly for the superior and outrageously delicious food you provided during my stay at your warm, inviting and beautiful home.  Everything you made was so delicious and I’m grateful for all the preparation you did.

Sincerely,   Robyn



We loved our time at Maple Ki.  The food, Yoga, walks and spiritual closeness we felt will be remembered.   Thanks for the glow.

With love, joy and peace,  Tamara & Karen



Thank you from the heart for such a wonderful stay at your beautiful home. I truly felt “at home” as a result of your genuine hospitality and kindness.  I loved absolutely everything about my sojourn at Maple Ki, and I so look forward to my next visit.

Namaste & God Bless,  Mary



Thank you from my sisters and I for a wonderful weekend.  Your place on the lake is so beautiful. We loved the Yoga outside, and the canoeing to the waterfalls.  The food was so delicious. You have inspired us to eat healthier and be more active.

Best Wishes,  Brigitte



It was a blessing to share the past 3 days with you….in your home, and with your hearts. Thank you for sharing it all with me.

With Love,  Sabrina